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Truth Speaks

Someone need to talk to these Pastors and leaders Kids..PK's they are all the way live having unprotected sex sex outside of marriage and the PK girls are getting caught and getting pregnant and the Pastors are doing a great cover up for their children and now they are changing their text and title and tell them and the congregation its alright it's no longer a sexual sin. God still loves you and that's all that is important.Now Ain't That The Truth...Truth Speaks.


Somebody please pass this book to the preachers and deacons who fornicate with church members and the church sisters and brothers who allow it! Child predators are not only in the Catholic Churches either! Before the leaders can preach it they must learn it and live it. Those of us have to realize that the leaders are just people who are imperfect as we all are...don't put anybody on a pedestal except God and only do what our hearts tell us as we learn about God's love and how we should love and respect ourselves before sharing our hearts and bodies!

Valencia Wallace

NO ONE wants to VISUALIZE their 12, 13 year old sons & daughters " DOIN the wild THANG" with ANYONE! That's the age group that needs to know that the push by society & some folks on these post to, " do what our hearts tell us to do" have their opinion! BUT GOD HAS HIS TOO! Follow His!!! ... & Save your hearts from being broken, save loss of peace of mind, & your bodies from disease, & early parenthood FOR THOSE FOLKS' KIDS! They don't seem to mind! ️Vw

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