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Yeah everyones not doing it. I had the pleasure of not being chosen because i gave my cookies away. So im not a bride and those that waaited God gave the prize. I did it not because i was so into sex, but bc my 'friends' 'said' they were doing it. Which alot of the times is a lie. A lie i believed. And bc sex is addictive instead of focusing on my studies i didnt do as well in school. So everyone isnt doing it and being accepted shouldnt be about how much experience you had. The more promiscious you are its HARDER to be in a relationship later. So tge same devil that tells you to give it up...is the one who rejects you after you do, and claims you as unclean. Make sure you have godly friends


I waited and I'm still waiting at 27 so I wouldn't say that God is withholding your husband because you gave your cookies away. We don't serve that type of God. If you have asked for forgiveness and truly have tried to walk in the right direction, God will honor your commitment at the right time, the BEST time. Focus on getting closer to God at this time. He longs to help you fight off those negative thoughts of being unclean and so forth.


Heartbreaking story. Beautiful lessons and reminders. Thank you so much for sharing.


I gave my life to Christ when I was 22 years old and a single mother. I married at the age of 42 and now, at 49, I am looking at divorce. I am writing this because there is a very important lesson I learned in the past 7 years (and am still learning). There is the Permissive Will of God and the Perfect Will of God. The Permissive Will of God is our exercise of our Free Will (even as Christians) and involves making choices that may not be the best that God has for us. I chose my husband instead of allowing God to bring my husband to me. Actually I never surrendered that part of my life to God fully. I hoped to marry but I shunned allowing God to fulfill that desire in my heart. As a result I found myself in a bad relationship, that, had I listened to the Holy Spirit, I would have not necessarily been in. Thank God for grace and mercy. Divorce is hard, but moving forward I endeavor to trust God with all aspects of my life. I would rather trust God than make that mistake again. And I encourage anyone, who is a Christian and desires to marry, to TRUST GOD with that part of your life. He may not come when you want, but God is faithful, and if that natural desire is in you, He will honor it. Allow God to be your Husband until He presents His choice to you. You will not regret it. The Joy of the Lord is our strength!

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