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Angelica M.

I really love this blog. Even though I'm 16 (and still a virgin)this place is such a great learning experience for me. Thank you girls for not being ashamed to tell your testimonies and for being such an encouragement for many girls out there!


I think its an encouraging article. But we also have to get realistic and pray for spouses. I think it is unfair for many of the church to expect people to not marry. Whilst other Jews, Muslims even non believers believe in marriage. IT's a sensitive subject. Especially since being a wife and mother is what many women want

Diana Robinson

I just have to give god the glory for delivering me from fornication and sexual sin. I went through years of fornication but I can say that by the mercy and grace of our Lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST that I have been living an abstinent lifestyle for over a year now and I'm loving it. Thank you Jesus.


I lived 7 years abstinent and recently just grow tired of waiting. Ive been holding out god send a spouse a husband i need companionship. Well directly after driving complaining to god about my loneliness i met a guy who was being every thing i had been asking for. He comes with me to an important meeting i had for business out of town and guess what happened, after 7 yrs i gave in. It wasnt at all what i thought it would be and to make it worse we have only spoken once since then. I am confused at why it went so well to end up going so wrong after i gave in. Needless to say im back on waiting on God and searching for the lesson in it all.


Thank you so much for this blog, this book and the knowledge you share. I fell of the bandwagon about 4 years ago and it SO wasn't worth it. I used to think I couldn't be free but I am living it today!!! Every day God is keeping me. This was so helpful. It made me shed a tear thinking about where I used to be and the fact that I now mentor young ladies about where I once was is amazing. God is amazing! God bless you Sis. Hobbs and team for all the amazing work you do. I REALLY enjoyed this.


Thank you for your testimony EJ. Praying you get the clarity you're searching for.


Thank you for this post! It's perfect for where I am. I am growing.

Sbaron Lacy

I'm single, never been married, and I haven't had any since 3/?/1980. I could go into detailed ups n downs but, I just want to Thank my sister who sent this site to me. It's so good to know I'm not alone. Pls be encouraged if abstaining is your gift or not! Truly God knows what's in our hearts and He has answered my cries. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He will strengthen your hearts. He strengthens mine everyday... Peace in Christ Jesus


I havent had intercourse since 97 tho i have not lived a totally abstinent and clean lifestyle. it only has become to be challenging as ive approached forty for various reasons, broken relationships, past boyfriend resurfacing and the loss and desire for companionship and intimacy. whatever. Ive struggled with envy towards Gods chosen to be married, and those did really well in this walk, but am learning to be content and simply wait. And if He has not chosen me to marry or be a bride, i will continue my best to walk in purity.

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